JStock App, Know Your Financial Position.

Managing your portfolio has never been this easy!

Smart investors use JStock App to keep track of investments, trades, the latest market trends and news by accessing real-time updates from major Caribbean stock markets.

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Version required ios 10 or later, Android Kitkat or later

Active Markets:
Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago Barbados St. Kitts & Nevis St. Lucia St. Vincent & the Grenadines Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda Dominica Greneda Monstserrat United States

JStock App is for Everyone

Whether you’re the seasoned, diligent investor or a beginner,
JStock App's intuitive design is tailored to your needs. The app provides a comprehensive platform to learn about selecting stocks for beginners and has a wealth of information about portfolio value, trends, and movement in the market shown through visually rich and expansive charts for the expert.

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Powerful and Easy to Use

JStock App puts the power in your hands by making the experience of investing efficient and straightforward. We’ve changed the game through the use of intuitive tools that remove the complexities of portfolio management. The app’s helpful coach marks allow any level of user to comfortably navigate the various features and constant updates provided. Everything you need is in one single app!.


Main Features

“Investment knowledge pays the best interest.” JStock App’s full-featured mobile app keeps you informed with everything you need to know about your financial position, on the go!

Feature you’ll love

Compare foreign exchange rates from all major local banks.


Feature you’ll love

Easily navigate and interpret market trends with JStock App’s ready-to-use charts with multiple technical indicators.


How It Works

Get started in three easy steps!


Sign up

Sign up & state the type of investor that you are.


Choose Your Markets

Select the markets you wish to view.


Add your Portfolios

Enter your portfolio information/holdings.


Live Updates

Immediately receive live updates on your portfolio.

Relevant News

Get financial and investment news and tips to help you make wise investment decisions.

Intuitive Alerts

Create alerts and watchlists.

User reviews

It's very comprehensive

This is a very comprehensive platform that allows me to make informed decisions about choosing stocks.

— Delan Scott, Jamaica #

Reliabe news feed

JStock App is a great tool to learn about investing. The News Feed feature is my new best friend. It’s not fake news and I’ve gained a lot of confidence about my investment choices since using it.

— Gabrielle Wilson, Jamaica #

Simple to use

The app is so simple to use and I love the fact that I can see my returns on a daily basis!.

— Carmen Bogle, Jamaica #


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What is JStock App?

JStock App is an intuitive stock market app that helps investors to keep track of investments, trades, and the latest market trends and news by accessing real-time updates from Jamaican, Barbadian, Trinidadian, and Eastern Caribbean stock markets. JStock App provides a simple and convenient way to view your portfolio’s daily value on the stock market. Additional features include setting up alerts, creating watchlists and local FX rate comparisons.

Who can use JStock App?

JStock App was built for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned investor wanting full visibility of your investments to monitor how they are growing, or a passive investor seeking to learn the art of investment, JStock App caters to you. Even the individual who has not yet started to invest can learn and get their practice using the app.

Is JStock App free?

JStock App is free to use! Benefit from features such as creating watchlists for stocks you have keen interest in, set up alerts and get foreign exchange rate comparisons across banks all in one place! However certain premium features such as tracking multiple portfolios and seeing multiple markets all at once can be accessed by upgrading.

What do I need to get started?

Download the app, sign up, add your portfolio information as well as the markets you wish to view and you’re all set!
Download the JStock App today!

Can JStock App have access to my bank account?

JStock App does not have access to your bank account

What makes JStock App different?

JStock App is the first regional application of its kind that allows users to manage all their investment portfolios in a simple, consolidated way. The app is intuitive and considers everything you would possibly want to know about investment and presents it in such a refreshingly elementary way, that everyone can use it! With the app you can manage multiple portfolios across multiple investment houses, add multiple markets to track, see your portfolio position in real-time, create watchlists and virtual portfolios that create trading simulations. Users will also benefit from daily P & L values, the ability to create customizable alerts, investment tips and financial news as well as daily FX rate comparisons.

Can I access my account on my computer as well?

JStock App is currently an exclusive mobile application. Users can only access their JStock App account on iOS and Android compatible devices. We believe that knowledge is wealth! JStock App allows you to take your investment portfolios with you in your pockets so you’ll always know your financial position.

How is user information protected?

Privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. You can read more about our protocols in our Privacy Agreement here.

What markets do JStock App monitor?

JStock App monitors the Jamaican, Barbadian, Trinidadian, and Eastern Caribbean stock markets.

Does JStock App have access to my brokerage account?

JStock App does not have access to your brokerage account.

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